Mild the Mist upon the Hill Question Answer – Class 9 English Chapter 6 Solution

WB Board Class 9 English Medium Chapter 6 Text Book Solution from the Poem “Mild the Mist upon the Hill” – Read Question Answer from West Bengal Board Bengali Medium English Class 9 Text Book Bliss Chapter 6.

Mild the Mist upon the Hill - Class 9 English - Chapter 6 Solution

Exercise 1 Solution

Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:

(1) The mist was upon the

(a) grass

(b) roof

(c) hill

(d) leaf

Answer: (c) hill

(2) The sorrow of the day is described as

(a) silent

(b) terrible

(c) overwhelming

(d) little

Answer: (a) silent

(3) The hall door mentioned in the poem is

(a) new

(b) large

(c) broken

(d) old

Answer: (d) old

(4) The poet watches the cloudy

(a) morning

(b) evening

(c) afternoon

(d) night

Answer: (b) evening

(5) The color of the mist is

(a) grey

(b) white

(c) yellow

(d) blue

Answer: (d) blue

(6) The damp stands on the

(a) wall

(b) floor

(c) bush

(d) grass

Answer: (d) grass

Exercise 2 Solution

Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:

(1) Where does poet see herself when she thinks of her childhood?

Answer: When reminiscing about her childhood, the poet envisions herself beneath her father’s protective roof, close to the ancient hall door.

(2) What did the poet watch on the ‘cloudy evening’ ?

Answer: The poet observes the gentle blue hues of the summer clouds, the distant mountain range on the horizon, and the moisture lingering in the lush, green grass.

Exercise 3 Solution

Identity the following sentence as simple, compound and complex:

(i) He is too short climb the wall.

Answer: Simple sentence

(ii) the sky was blue and sun shone bright.

Answer: Compound sentence

(iii) the old man who lived a village believed that the earth was flat.

Answer: Complex sentence

(iv) Leaving a job midway is not a good practice.

Answer: Simple sentence

(v) Last week I met a friend who gave me a bag which is brown in color.

Answer: Complex sentence

Exercise 4 Solution

Do as directed :

(i) The question was so easy that everyone could answer it. ( Change into a simple sentence)

Answer: The question was too easy to answer.

(ii) A friend is need is a friend indeed. ( Change into a complex sentence)

Answer: A friend who is there in need is a friend indeed.

(iii) Pollution is one of the most severe threats to our beautiful plant. ( Change into a compound sentence)

Answer: Although our planet is beautiful, it faces one of the most severe threats from pollution.

(iv) Do or die. (Change into a complex sentence)

Answer: You will die, unless you do.

(v) He was confused and stopped working. ( Change into a simple sentence)

Answer: Being confused he stopped working.

Exercise 5 Solution

Write a letter within 100 words to the Headmaster/headmistress of your school seeking leave of two days for the purpose of attending the marriage ceremony of your elder sister.


Parangerpur High School,

Respected Madam,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits. I am writing to respectfully request a two-day leave from school on 12/02/2023 to 13/02/2023 due to my elder sister’s marriage ceremony. It is a significant family event, and my presence is essential to participate and support my family during this joyous occasion.

I understand the importance of regular attendance at school, and I assure you that I will make every effort to catch up on missed lessons promptly. I will also ensure that my absence does not disrupt the school’s academic activities.

I kindly request your approval for this leave, and I will be grateful for your understanding and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Riddhi Paul
Class-9,Sec-B, Roll no-17.

Exercise 6 Solution

Suppose you had bought a book from a bookstore. By mistake you left it there instead of bringing it back with you. Providing details of the book and its author, write a letter within 100 words to the owner of the store to find the book and keep it until you come to collect it.


Store Owner
Taarai Books
West Bengal 734112

Dear Ramesh,

I hope this letter finds you well. I recently purchased a book from your wonderful bookstore, titled “Taruner Swapno,” written by Sameer Ghorai. Unfortunately, I realized that I mistakenly left the book on one of the store’s shelves instead of bringing it home with me.

I would like to kindly request your assistance in locating the book and keeping it safe until I can come by to collect it. I have attached the purchase receipt for your reference.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and I appreciate your help in resolving this matter. I will make arrangements to retrieve the book as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Your Sincerely,

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