Madhyamik English Writing Skills Suggestion 2024 Letter, Paragraph, Notice, Report

Madhyamik English Writing Skills Suggestion with Answers for the year 2024 is provided below. Common English Writing Questions for the West Bengal Board Madhyamik Pariksha 2024 (WBBSE Class 10th Exam) from various topics such as Paragraph Writing, Biography Writing, Letter Writing, Report Writing (Formal & Informal), Notice Writing, Process Writing, English Newspaper Report Writing etc. are given for reference purpose.

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madhyamik english writing skills suggestion 2024 mp exam

Paragraph Writing Skill Suggestion

1) Write a biography of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (within 100 words).

2) Write a paragraph ( Within 100 words) on the benefits of early morning exercises.

3) Write a paragraph about a holiday that you do not celebrate. Use facts within the supporting sentences to explain the holiday and the traditions that are associated with it.

4) Write a paragraph (within 100 words) about – A Journey by Train.

Letter Writing Suggestion for WB Madhyamik 2024

1) Write a letter ( within 100 words) to the editor of an English daily about the disturbances caused by the thoughtless use of loudspeakers.

2) Write a letter to your friends ( Within 100 Words) advising her/ him to visit the public library in her / his locality as frequently as possible.

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3) Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper (Within 100 words) about the problems faced by commuters due to reckless driving of public vehicles.

4) Write a letter to the editor of an English newspaper about Felling of trees at random in your locality.

Notice Writing Topics for Madhyamik Pariksha

1) Your school is going to host the Inter-school District Sports Competition. Suppose you are the Secretary of the Sports Club of your school. Write a notice (within 90 words) calling students to participate in the competition.

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2) Suppose you are the Secretary of a club which has decided to open a library. Write a notice (within 100 words) to the members of your club inviting them to actively join this programme by donating books for the library.

3) Suppose you are the Students’ secretary of your school. Now write a notice for the students of keep your school clean.

4) You are the President of the Rahul Society, and you are planning a New Year’s Eve celebration in your neighborhood. Prepare a notice informing your neighbor of the function. 

Process Writing Suggestion

1) Write a paragraph (within 100 words) on how a building is constructed:

2) Describe how the newspaper is published.

3) Write a paragraph on how Potato Chips are made.

4) Write a paragraph on How Mastered Oil are made .

Newspaper Report Writing Topics

1) Write a newspaper report about the the Blood donation camp.

2) The Impact of Technology on Modern Workplaces.

3) Write A factual report on the history of the internet.

4) Write a report in 150-200 words on Adult Literacy Camp for your school newsletter.

Other Topics:

Story WritingKing Solomon
A Foolish Dog
Lord Buddha and Poor Woman
Biography WritingSwami Vivekananda
Mother Teresa
Sourav Ganguly
Kalpana Chawla
Application WritingApplication for School Transfer Certificate
Leave Application for Uncle’s Marriage
Application form Giving Character certificate

Benefits of Solving WB Board Class 10 English Writing Skills Suggestion for MP Exam 2024

The Questions for the upcoming Madhyamik Pareeksha 2024 will be beneficial for the students who are preparing for the exam. This last minute Writing Skills suggestion covers almost all the topics from where questions may be asked.

We advice students to read all the questions from the textbook along with these suggestions. Suggestions given here may not necessarily come in their exam but will give an overview of the questions asked.

If you have any further questions regarding the Madhyamik English Writing Skill Suggestion 2024, do comment below. We will try to answer your queries as soon as possible.

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