Madhyamik English Suggestion 2024 Grammar Questions with Answers

Madhyamik Pariksha 2024 English Grammar Suggestion – West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) Madhyamik English Grammar Suggestions, Common Questions & Answers on various topics are given in this post.

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english grammar suggestion 2024 for madhyamik exam

Important Questions from English Grammar for the WB Madhyamik 2024 are given in following topics:

Change the Narration:

1) Bulbuli said to friend, “Will you come tomorrow ?”

Answer: Bulbuli asked his friend if he would come the next day.

2) Rita said to Ayesha ,”please give me a glass of water.”

Answer: Rita requested Ayesha to give her a glass of water.

3) The girls triumphantly said, “Hurrah! We have won the match.”

Answer: The girls exclaimed with joy that they had won the match.

4) My friend said, “The sun is hot.”

Answer: My friend said that the sun is hot.

5) She says, “I am a dancer.”

Answer: She says that she is a dancer.

6) All of them said to Nicky, “Happy birthday!”

Answer: All of them wished Nicky happy birthday.

7) Ram asked me, ” What is your name?”

Answer: Ram asked me what my name was.

Articles and Prepositions – Short Questions

1) Arifa, the younger _____________________ the two girls, has cracked IIT, while ______________________ older one is __________________ engineer __________________ a multinational company.

2) I was ___________ my wit’s end. People smiled___________ me when they meet me in___________ streets.

3) _________ students from _________ neighbouring school are going _________ an excursion to Darjeeling ________ their teachers.

4) I was _________ my wit’s end. People smiled _________ me when they met me in  ________ streets.

5) Morning walk is ______ tonic for ______ weak, cure for sick and _____  exercise for ______ healthy.

Do as Directed English Grammar Suggestions

1) Mimi lives in Alipurduar. (Information question using ‘where’)

2) Rashmika runs faster than any other girl in her class. (Rewrite using the positive degree of ‘faster’)

3) He saw the rainbow. (Interrogative sentence using ‘did’)

4) Snigdha is not only wise but also brave. (change into a simple sentence)

5) The question was so easy that everyone could answer it. ( Change into a simple sentence)

6) He could not rise. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘unable to’)

7) They could not reach the meeting place before time. (Rewrite adding a questing tag)

Change the Degree – Common Questions

1) Mumbai is the Largest city of India. ( turn into Positive Degree)

2) A guava is as nutritious as an apple. ( Rewrite the Sentence using the Comparative degree)

3) Rahim is as good as Ratan. ( use Comparative Degree)

4) Sachin is one of the best batsmen in the world. ( turn into Positive Degree and rewrite)

5) MD. Habib was one of the richest men in Rangoon. ( Change into Comparative Degree)

Voice Change Questions

1) The boy has read out the letter.

2) Lock the door

3) Take care of him.

4) Tears filled her eyes.

5) My father loves me.

6) The driver was blowing the horn.

7) Sucheta prepared our dinner.

Phrasal Verbs – Madhyamik Suggestions 2024 Question Answers

1) Rabi met his friend in the park.

Answer: Came Across

2) You will never manage to argue me __________.

Answer: Down

3) A friend of mine has________her wedding.

Answer: Called Off

4) I was surprised when I won the lottery.

Answer: taken aback

5) I couldn’t get into the bus before it ___________.

Answer: Pulled away

6) She is on the ———— for a good job.

Answer: look out

7) Can you _________ me up at the station?

Answer: Pick

Importance of Madhyamik English Suggestion

In 2024 Madhyamik English Exam, around 20 Marks will be allotted to English Grammar Questions from Class X Syllabus. The English grammar topics consists of various topics such as Verb, Tense, Narration Change, Voice Change, Article Preposition & many more.

We hope that the solutions of the above Suggestion Questions will be helpful for the upcoming exam as questions in the MP 2024 will be of similar complexity level. Solving the Last Minute Madhyamik English Suggestion will be very much beneficial for getting good marks.

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