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West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) Class 11 English Book Karma Questions & Answers Check Here. The Solution of Multiple Choice (MCQ), Short Answer Type Descriptive (SAQ), Descriptive (Long) Answer Type Question (LAQ) & Extra Questions.

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All Class 11 English Text Book Question Answer:

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MCQ Solution

1) Lady Lal paid the coolie for carrying her steel trunk and luggage’s

Answer : Two anna .

2) Sir Mohan Lal always had with him the newspapers

Answer : The Times.

3) Sir Mohan smiled at the mirror with

Answer : An air of pity and patronage .

4) Lachmi was chewing

Answer : Betel Leaf .

5) He glanced at his

Answer : watch .

SAQ Solution

1) What did Lachmi take out from the brass carrier?

Answer : Lachmi took out hot, fluffy puris from the brass carrier, ready to serve a delicious meal.

2) Who was Sir Mohanlal in the story “Karma” ?

Answer : Sir Mohan Lal in the story “Karma” was a respected, wise gentleman known for his integrity, kindness, and leadership in the community.

3) What did Lachmi wear? 

Answer : Lachmi wore a simple and colorful saree, reflecting her modest yet vibrant style that complemented her role as a housemaid.

4) What did the coolie do when Lachmi ate? 

Answer : The coolie patiently waited while Lachmi ate, showing understanding and respect for her mealtime.

5) What did lachmi take out from the brass carrier ? 

Answer : Lachmi took out hot, fluffy puris from the brass carrier, ready to serve a delicious meal for everyone present.

LAQ Solution

1) Sketch the character of Sir Mohan Lal.


Sir Mohan Lal was a dignified and wise gentleman, known for his integrity and kindness. His gray hair and spectacles added to his distinguished appearance. As a respected figure in the community, he held a position of authority, yet he interacted with humility and warmth.

Sir Mohan Lal’s speeches were filled with wisdom, and his actions reflected a strong sense of responsibility. He played a pivotal role in guiding and mentoring others, embodying principles of fairness and justice. Despite his esteemed status, he remained approachable, leaving a lasting impression as a compassionate and honorable individual in the community.

2) ” The mirror smiled back at Sir Mohan . ” Which mirror is referred to here ? How was the mirror ? What was Sir Mohan’s reaction when the mirror smiled back ?


The mirror in Sir Mohan’s possession reflected his image, appearing as if it smiled back at him.

The mirror was clear and well-maintained, reflecting Sir Mohan’s image with a seemingly friendly and approving smile, capturing his satisfaction.

Sir Mohan, upon seeing the mirror’s seemingly smiling reflection, felt a surge of contentment and warmth. Pleased by the positive image, he reciprocated with a subtle smile of his own. The moment symbolized a sense of self-approval and inner satisfaction for Sir Mohan, reinforcing his positive self-perception. The mirror, in this instance, acted as a metaphor for self-affirmation, reflecting the inner contentment and peace that Sir Mohan felt in that particular moment.

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