Hunting Snake Question Answer – Class 9 English Chapter 12 Solution

West Bengal Board Class 9 English text Book Bliss Chapter 12 Hunting Snake Solution – Question Answer of the Class 9 English Book Chapter 12 from Model Activity & Exercise

Hunting Snake - Class 9 English - Chapter 12 Solution

Exercise 1 Solution

Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:

(1) The poet was sun-warmed under the gentlest sky of

(a) summer

(b) winter

(c) autumn

(d) spring

Answer: (c) autumn

(2) The color of the snake was

(a) black

(b) grey

(c) green

(d) yellow

Answer: (a) black

(3) The tongue of the snake was

(a) still

(b) flickering

(c) dangling

(d) hanging

Answer: (b) flickering

(4) The shape of the snake’s a scale was like

(a) star

(b) kite

(c) diamond

(d) pyramid

Answer: (c) diamond

(5) According to the poet, the intent of the snake was

(a) malicious

(b) greedy

(c) timid

(d) fierce

Answer: (d) fierce

(6) The snake finally disappeared into the

(a) sand

(b) grass

(c) rock

(d) stream

Answer: (b) grass

Exercise 2 Solution

Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:

(i) How did the snake appear as it was moving through the grass ?

Answer: As the snake slithered through the grass, its head was lowered, and its tongue flickered. Under the sunlight, its scales glistened like diamonds.

(ii) What did the poet her companions do when the snake was gone ?

Answer: After the snake had departed, the poet and her companions took a sigh of relief.

Exercise 3 Solution

Rewrite the following sentences as directed:

(a) How happy we are here ! (change into an assertive sentence)

Answer: We are very happy here.

(b) Everybody knows the name of Tagore, (change into an interrogative sentence)

Answer: Who does known the name of Tagore?

(c) The painting is very beautiful . (change into an exclamatory sentence)

Answer: How beautiful the painting is !

(d) Can we ever forget childhood days? (changes into an assertive sentence)

Answer: We can never forget out childhood days.

Exercise 4 Solution

Rewrite the following sentences as directed:

(a) We are proud of our heritage. (Use the noun form of ‘ proud’)

Answer: We take pride in our heritage.

(b) We should have sympathy for the poor. (Use the adjective form of ‘sympathy’)

Answer: We should be sympathetic towards the poor.

(c) His success was due to his labor. (Use the verb form of ‘ labor’)

Answer: He succeeds because he labored.

(d) The song of the nightingale is very sweet. (Use the adverb form of ‘sweet’)

Answer: The nightingale sings very sweetly.

Exercise 5 Solution

Write a newspaper report within 100 words on a boat capsize. Use the following hints:

place – date – number of people in the boat – cause – casualties – rescue operations – steps taken by the Government.


Boat Capsize Tragedy Claims Lives

Kolkata, 21/9/2023 – A tragic boat capsize incident took place today when a small boat, carrying [number of people] individuals, capsized due to rough waters and overcrowding. The incident resulted in [number of casualties] casualties, with several others injured. Prompt rescue operations were launched, with local authorities and volunteers pulling survivors from the water.

The government has initiated an investigation into the incident and pledged to take stringent action against those responsible for overcrowding and violating safety regulations. Authorities are also intensifying efforts to ensure the safety of boat passengers and prevent such tragedies in the future.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families during this difficult time.

Exercise 6 Solution

Write a summary of the following passage within 100 words:

Where and how should children learn values? We know that they need to learn them because values form the beliefs and attitudes that will determine how they live their lives and function in society. To function effectively in society, children need to be taught how to be honest , kind courteous and considerate. Any society that does not teach children these values would soon fall apart. Similarly, one would expect a nation to be made up of citizens who know how to respect other people and their property. These citizens should also understand the value of humility and self – control. They should appreciate courage and be willing to care of those weaker than themselves. Any nation whose citizens do not practice these values would soon become a nation not worth living in. Teaching these values to children cannot be delayed. This is because, unlike young animals, whose instincts are often highly developed at birth, human babies are totally dependent. Human beings have emotional needs , desires, thoughts and feelings which determine action. This is precisely why they must learn values, not just survival skills as do animals. These values will help control the natural responses that result from satisfying purely selfish needs and desires. ( 202 Words )


Children must learn values for the sake of their beliefs, attitudes, and societal roles. Values like honesty, kindness, courtesy, and consideration are vital for effective social functioning. Without these values, a society would deteriorate. Similarly, nations require citizens who respect others and their property, value humility, self-control, and exhibit courage while caring for the weaker. Instilling these values is urgent because unlike animals with innate instincts, human babies are entirely dependent and driven by emotions, desires, thoughts, and feelings. Values are essential to guide them away from purely selfish pursuits and ensure responsible actions. Delaying this education jeopardizes the quality of life in a nation.

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