The Sea Question Answer – Class 8 English Chapter 6 Solution

West Bengal Board Class 8 English Chapter 6 The Sea Solution – Activity Question Answer: WB Board Bengali Medium Class 8 The Sea Question Answer & Solution of the Activity of Textbook Blossoms is given in this post.

The Sea - Class 8 English Chapter 6 Solution

Activity – 1 Solution

Tick the correct alternative:

(i) The sea is compared to a

(a) lazy cat

(b) active man

(c) hungry dog.

Answer: (c) hungry dog.

(ii) The sea rolls on the beach

(a) all day

(b) all evening

(c) only at night.

Answer: (a) all day

(iii) The sea, seen as a dog, has

(a) greasy paws

(b) sharp paws

(c) small paws.

Answer: (a) greasy paws

(iv) The sea remains quiet in the

(a) beginning of the year

(b) middle of the year

(c) end of the year.

Answer: (b) middle of the year

Activity – 2 Solution

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The sea rolls on the beach with his _________________

Answer: clashing teeth and shaggy jaws.

(b) At night when the wind roars, the sea __________________

Answer: bound to his feet and snuffs and sniffs.

(c) In May or June even the grasses on the dune _________________

Answer: do not play more their reedy tune.

(d) On quiet days the sea, like a dog, lies on the sandy shores with ____________________

Answer: his head between his paws.

Activity – 3 Solution

Answer the following question:

Why does the sea become quiet at a certain time of the year?

Answer: Due to the lack of hard blowing wind and storms the sea becomes quiet at a certain time of the year.

Activity – 4 Solution

Fill in the following chart with information from the text:

ActionDone by whom
(i) licks his greasy pawsAnswer: the sea
(ii) roarsAnswer: the night wind
(iii) rocks in the stormy cloudAnswer: the moon
(iv) stop their tuneAnswer: The grasses on the dune

Activity – 5 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) What does the sea look like?

Answer: The sea looks like a hungry dog.

(b) Who rocks in the stormy cloud?

Answer: The moon rocks in the stormy cloud.

(c) Where does the sea shake at his wet slides like a dog?

Answer: The sea shakes the wet sides over the cliff like a dog.

(d) How do the grass on the dune behave in May or June?

Answer: The grasses don’t play their reedy tune in May or June.

Activity – 6(a) Solution

Underline the infinitives in the following sentences:

(i) To lie is a sin.

Answer: To lie is a sin.

(ii) I am sorry to disturb you again.

Answer: I am sorry to disturb you again.

(iii) He wanted to retire from service.

Answer: He wanted to retire from service.

(iv) To err is human.

Answer: To err is human.

Activity – 6(b) Solution

Read the following sentences. Identify the Noun phrases, Adjective phrases and Adverb phrases and fill in the chart given below:

(i) Food and shelter, she has none.

(ii) Her voice is pleasing to the year.

(iii) Mrinal is a jewel of a boy.

(iv) Feel yourself at home.

Noun phraseAdjective phraseAdverb phrase
Answer: Food and shelter
Answer: Her voice
Answer: a jewel of a boy
Answer: at home

Activity – 6(c) Solution

Read the following sentences. Identify the Main or Principal clause and the Dependent clause and fill in the chart given below:

(i) I know a man Who is a doctor.

(ii) Tell me Who opened the door.

(iii) She is the girl Who always takes care of her friends.

(iv) We shall stay at home If it rains.

Main clauseDependent clause
Answer: I know a manAnswer: Who is a doctor
Answer: Tell meAnswer: Who opened the door
Answer: She is the girlAnswer: Who always takes care of her friends
Answer: We shall stay at homeAnswer: If it rains

Activity – 7 Solution

Make meaningful sentences of your own with following words:

(a) giant : ___________________________

Answer: giant : The giant roller coaster at the theme park is a thrilling ride.

(b) moans : ____________________________

Answer: moans : The dog moans softly when it’s time for a belly rub.

(c) dune : _______________________________

Answer: dune : Children love to slide down the sand dunes at the beach.

(d) quiet : _______________________________

Answer: quiet : The baby finally fell asleep, and the house grew quiet.

Activity – 8(a) Solution

Write a story in about eighty words using the following hints:

a king, proud of his power – tells he can control everything on earth – takes his courtiers to the sea shore – orders the waves to move back – the waves lash at the feet of the king – the kings moves back in fear

Answer: Once, there was a king who was exceedingly proud of his power. He boasted that he could control everything on earth. To prove his point, he gathered his courtiers and took them to the seashore. There, he raised his hand and ordered the waves to move back. However, the waves, undeterred by his command, lashed at the feet of the king. Fearful for his life, the king quickly moved back, realizing that there were forces in the world beyond his control, no matter how powerful he may have thought himself to be.

Activity – 8(b) Solution

Write a letter in about eighty words to your younger brother advising him to be kind to animals:


Dear Subha ,

I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to share something important with you – always be kind to animals. They may not speak our language, but they feel pain, joy, and love, just like we do. Treat them with care, and they’ll be your loyal friends.

Remember, kindness to animals reflects your character. It’s a sign of empathy and compassion. So, whether it’s a pet or a stray, be gentle and considerate. You’ll not only make their lives better but also your own.

Take care

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