WB Board Class 12 English Question Answer | {All Lesson} Solved Extra Questions

West Bengal Board Class 12 English Book Mindscapes MCQ, LAQ, Short Questions Answer for All Chapters Download PDF

Questions Answers for the WB Board English Text Book Mindscpaes MCQ, SAQ, LAQ Solution is provided in this page. For getting good marks in your Class 12 HS Exam, it is necessary to solve as many questions as you can from the Poems, Proses & Play.

So, in our post, we have given chapter wise solutions of Short, Long & Objective questions. Try to solve the questions on your own at first. Then take help from the given answers.

WB Board Class 12 English book all chapter poem prose extra mcq shorts and long questions answer

Class 12 Prose Questions Answers

The Eyes have It
Strong Roots
Thank You Ma’am
Three Questions

Class 12 Poem Questions Answers

On Killing A Tree
Asleep in The Valley
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day
The Poetry of Earth

Class 12 Play Questions Answers

The Proposal

There are a total of 4 Proses, 4 Poems and 1 Play in the WBCHSE Class 12 English Text Book. Questions will come in the Higher Secondary Exam from all the chapters. So, if you are targeting to get good marks, you must study all the chapters thoroughly and understand the Bengali meaning of the texts.

After that, you will have a clear idea about the summary of the chapters. Then you can write answer to any long, MCQ or short questions in your exam paper.