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WB Board Class 11 English Suggestion 2024 West Bengal Board – একাদশ শ্রেণীর ইংরেজি সাজেশন. West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) is going to conduct the English Language examination on 4th April 2024. The Chapter wise suggestions are provided from the textbooks. You can find all the chapter wise MCQ questions, SAQ & Broad questions.

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wb board class 11 english suggestion download pdf 2024

West Bengal Board Class 11 English Chapter Wise Suggestion

Leela’s FriendClick Here
KarmaClick Here
Jimmy ValentineClick Here
The Place Of Art In EducationClick Here
Composed Upon Westminster BridgeClick Here
Meeting at nightClick Here
The Sick RoseClick Here
DaybreakClick Here

Leela’s Friend – Suggestion

1) ”In any case , we couldn’t have kept a criminal like him in the house. ” Who is the speaker ? Who is the ‘ criminal ‘ referred to here? What led the speaker to such a comment ? 

2) How did Leela try to make Sidda write? What was the result?

3) What were duties did Sidda perform at Shivasankar house ? What were given to Sidda in exchange of his duties ?

Karma – Suggestion

1) Compare and contrast the personalities of Sir Mohanlal and Lady Lal .

2) Sketch the character of Sir Mohan Lal.

3) Compare and contrast between Mr. Lal and Lachmi in their attitude.

Jimmy Valentine – Suggestion

1) ”That child she can’t stand it long in there” – Who is reffered to here ? Why was she in danger ? How was she saved?

2) What did Jimmy write to his old friend in St. Louis ? Why did he write so ?

3) Describe the appearance and behavior of Jimmy.

The Place Of Art In Education – Suggestion

1) What is the differences between fine art and functional art ?

2) How does a poor Santhal express his sense of beauty and order in his daily life ?

3) According to Nandalal Bose, how does lack of aesthetic sense affect life?

Upon Westminster Bridge – Suggestion

1) ” And all that mighty heart is lying still ” -Whose ‘ mighty heart ‘ is referred here ? Bring out the significance of the line . 

2) What is the poet’s attitude to nature revealed in the poem ‘ Upon Westminster Bridge ? ‘ ‘ Upon Westminster Bridge ‘

3) “A sight so touching in its majesty’-What is the sight referred to here? What does the poet feel about the sight? Who would be dull of soul and why?

Meeting at night – Suggestion

1) Justify the title of the poem , Meeting at Night ‘ .

2) Why is the sea described as ‘ grey ‘ in ‘ Meeting at Night ‘ ? Why is the land described as ‘ long black land ‘ ?

3) “ A voice less loud…” -Whose voice is referred to here? What does the voice express? Why does the voice become less loud?

The Sick Rose – Suggestion

1) What does the worm in the “The Sick Rose” symbolise ? Why is it invisible ?

2) ”O Rose thou art sick.” Who is sick and why ? What does the expression “sick” denote here ?

3) Justify the title of the poem ‘ The Sick Rose ‘ ?

Daybreak – Suggestion

1) Who takes the responsibility of announcing the breaking of the day ? How is this feat achieved ?

2) What role does the wind play in announcing the beginning of the day ? How is the final couplet different from the rest of the poem ?

3) Explain the wind’s actions in the poem “Daybreak.”

WBCHSE Board Class 11 English Suggestion Download PDF

The questions answers are given below as suggestions which may come in the upcoming Class 11 Test. You may download the Class 11 English Suggestion completely free of cost in PDF format.

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Solve the common questions for your Class 11 Exam on 4th April 2024 given in the Suggestion Page. The solution of the questions are also available on our page. The link to download the Suggestions is given in the article. You can find the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Short Answer Questions (SAQ), & Broad Questions.