A Girl in a Fair Question Answer – Class 4 English Chapter 2 Solution

WB Board Class 4 Chapter 2 A girl in a fair Solution – West Bengal Bengali Medium Board Class 4 English Chapter 2 Question Answers from Text Book Story A Girl in a Fair. Download the WB Board Text Book Class 4 English Lesson 2 Activity Solutions from below. A Girl in a Fair Class 4 Book Activity Answers will help you in the upcoming exam.

A girl in a fair - Class 4 English - Chapter 2 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Complete the following sentences with words from the text: 

(a) Lipi is______________ years old.

Answer: Nine

(b) Lipi and her parents live ______________.

Answer: at Sukhnagar

(c) Lipi’s father makes______________.

Answer: Mask

(d) Lipi repeatedly asks her father to take her____________.

Answer: in fair

Activity 2 Solution

Why is Lipi so eager to go to the fair ? Discuss with your partner:

Answer: Lipi is a little girl. She has never gone to fair before. So she is eager to go the fair.

Activity 3 Solution

Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements in the given boxes. 

(a) Nobody was buying masks .

Answer: F

(b) Lipi’s father sells dolls.

Answer: F

(c) The dolls are made of wood.

Answer: F

(d) Mansur is Rubina’s father.

Answer: T

Activity 4 Solution

Match column A with column B:


1. Lipi is excitedto be at the fair
2. Some people gatheredto buy masks
3. Lipi meets Rubinainside mansur’s shop
4. Mansur sells dollsmade of burnt clay

Activity 5 Solution

Arrange the following sentences in the correct order. Put the numbers in the given boxes. One is done for you: 

(a) She has fun riding the merry-go-round.

Answer: 4

 (b) Lipi looks around the fair.

Answer: 1

(c) Close by, a puppet show is about to start.

Answer: 2

 (d) She wishes to visit the fair again next year.

Answer: 5

(e) She also hears a group of bauls sing some distance away.

Answer: 3

Activity 6 Solution

Answer the following questions:

 (a) Who is Lipi’s classmate?

Answer: Sujoy is lipi’s classmate. 

 (b) What does Sujoy buy at the fair?

Answer: Sujoy buys a doll from manshur uncle’s shop. 

 (c) What does Lipi eat at the fair?

Answer: Lipi eats alu-kabli and phuchka. 

 (d) Why is Lipi very happy?

Answer: because she was gone to the fair for the first time. 

Activity 7 Solution

Circle the Nouns in the sentences. Underline the words which replace the Nouns.

1. Lipi looks around the fair. She sees the huge merry-go-round.

Answer: Lipi – Noun. She – Replace. 

2. Little Lipi has never been to a fair. So she is very excited today.

Answer: Lipi – Noun. She – Replace. 

 3. Sujoy is Lipi’s classmate. He buys a mask.

Answer: Sujoy -Noun. He – Replace. 

 4. Lipi’s father buys her a doll. It is made of burnt clay.

Answer: Doll – Noun. It – Replace. 

Activity 8(a) Solution

Replace the underlined words with words from the Help Box having similar meanings:

 (i) We see various shops in the fair.

Answer: Various – Different. 

 (ii) Rini is delighted to see her friend.

Answer:  Delighted – Glad. 

(iii) Huge rocks are found under the sea. 

Answer: Huge – Large. 

iv) The football match is about to start.

Answer: Start – Begin. 

Activity 8(b) Solution

Make sentences of your own using the following words:


agrees : She agrees to go with me.

exclaims : Rupa exclaims in delight.

crowd : There is a big crowd in the field.

folk : Bihu folk is a dance of Assam.

Activity 9(a) Solution

Lipi enjoyed eating alu-Kabli and Phuchka at the fair. Have you ever tasted these ? Write four sentences on what other food you like eating.


  • I have tasted Phuchka in fair.
  • I have never tasted alu-kabli.
  • I also like eating ice-cream & eggroll.
  • I like biryani most.

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