The King’s Choice Question Answer | Maharashtra Board English Class 7 Chapter 1.4 Solution

(1) Write a character sketch of each of the animals. Write about their actions and thoughts and the qualities that emerge through them. You may present the sketch in the form of a graphic.

(i) Lion:

Answer : The lion was large, mighty, and incredibly fierce, earning him the title of king among all the other animals in the forest. He pledged to provide food and protection to his subjects. Whenever the king roared, the other animals stood in reverent awe, and whenever he strolled, they dutifully followed. Moreover, the lion king was highly responsible after his meals, he ensured there were leftovers for others, ensuring they always had enough to eat.

(ii) Fox :

Answer : The fox was a wise and cunning creature, serving as the trusted adviser to the lion king. Taking an oath of loyalty, the fox pledged allegiance to the king.

(iii) Leopard:

Answer : He was vigilant and quick on his feet, serving as a loyal member of the lion king’s retinue.

(iv) Vulture:

Answer : He was a bird capable of soaring high in the sky, entrusted with the role of being the lion’s messenger.

(2) Using your imagination, write more sentences in the same pattern:

(a) But the more the lion had, the more he wanted.

(b) Whenever he took a walk, they followed him.

(c) To be king is good. But to be kind is better.

Answer :

(i) Don’t Judge each day by the harvesting crop by you but by the seeds that you plant.

(ii) Injustice anywhere is a way lead to justice everywhere.

(iii) But the more the tiger had the more he wanted.

(iv) To be queen is good, But to be kind is better.

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