HS English Grammar Suggestion 2024 with Answers – Download PDF

Common HS English Grammar Questions with Answers – Last Minute West Bengal Uccha Madhyamik Pariksha English Suggestion. Download the WB HS English Grammar Suggestion for upcoming exam in 2024. The Suggestion Question Answers can be downloaded from the link of the PDF file given in the page.

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There are different types of grammar questions which will be asked in the upcoming Higher Secondary Examination 2024. The grammar topics which must be covered by a student of Class 12 for their Uccha Madhyamik Exam are: Narration Change, Voice Change, Do As Directed, Interchange of Sentence, Degree Change etc.

Do as directed:

1) We should not show cruelty to animals. [Rewrite using the adjective form of the underlined words]

Answer: We should not be cruel to animals.

2) They had all become a part and parcel of our existence. (Rewrite using ‘Simple Past Tense’)

Answer: They became a part and parcel of our existence.

3) He is so weak that he cannot stand. (Rewrite using too…to)

Answer: He is too weak to stand.

4) The water dripping from his face, the boy looked at her. (Split into two separate sentences)

Answer: The water was dripping from his face. b. The boy looked at her.

5) She puts the book in the box yesterday. ( Correct the sentence )

Answer: Put

6) It is the consumer who pays for the advertising. (Rewrite removing ‘who’)

Answer: The consumer pays for the advertising.

7) Aunts are usually formidable creatures. [Use the adjective form of usually].

Answer: It is usual that aunts are formidable creatures.

Interchange of Parts of Speech:

1) I moved easily along the berth.(Use the noun form of ‘easily’)

Answer: I moved with easiness along the berth.

2) Iron gains strength from the addition of nickel. (use the Adjective form of strength)

Answer: Iron becomes stronger with the addition of nickel.

3) Your friend made a success of all his undertakings. (Verb)

Answer: Your friend succeeded in all his undertakings.

4) She passed his life in peace. (use the Adjective form of peace )

Answer: She passed a peaceful life.

5) He answered in a low deep voice. (Use the underlined word as a noun and rewrite the sentence)

Answer: He gave the answer in a low deep voice.

6) He gave us advice. (Verb)

Answer: He advised us.

7) He attempt was met with success. (use the Adjective form of success)

Answer: His attempt was successful.

Change of Narration:

1) “We’ll soon be at your station, “I said to the girl.

Answer: I said to the girl that they would soon be at her station.

2) He says , “ He has completed his home work . “

Answer: He says that he has completed his home work .

3) “I want to work for you,” I said to Anil. “Can you cook?” Anil asked me.

Answer: I told Anil that I wanted to work for him. Anil asked me if I could cook.

4) Ram said, “I shall have gone home.”

Answer: Ram said that he would have gone home.

5) She said , ‘‘I called on you the day before yesterday.’’

Answer: She said that had called on me two days before.

6) Rohit said to his friends, “Let us go and help the flood affected people.”

Answer: Rohit suggested to his friends that they should go and help the flood affected people.

7) I said to him, “You killed a snake.”

Answer: I told him that he had killed a snake.

Change the voice:

1) Mr. Gupta teaches us Hindi.

Answer: Hindi is taught us by Mr. Gupta.

2) I found the window.

Answer: The window was found by me.

3) My umbrella has been stolen.

Answer: Somebody has stolen my umbrella.

4) They are playing a match.

Answer: A match is being played by them.

5) The owner himself showed them the house.

Answer: They were Shown the house by the owner himself.

6) The farmer waters the fields.

Answer: The fields are watered by the farmer.

7) Ritu writes a letter.

Answer: A letter is written by Ritu.

Split into simple sentences:

1) The man who had entered the compartment broke into my reverie.

Answer: The man had entered the compartment. He broke into my reverie.

2) The couple who saw her off were probably her parents.

Answer: The couple saw the girl off. They were probably her parents.

3) He fixed the leak and painted the walls afresh.

Answer: He fixed the leak. He painted the walls afresh.

4) The thought of Sidda made her panicky.

Answer: She thought of Sidda. It made her panicky.

5) The sun having set we began our march.

Answer: The sun set. We began our march.

Change of Degree:

1) Very few games are so popular as cricket . ( Superlative degree )

Answer: Cricket is the most popular game.

2) John is more industrious than most other boys. (Superlative degree)

Answer: John is one of the most industrious boys.

3) Rohit is as dull as Mohan. (Positive degree)

Answer: Mohan is not duller than Rohit.

4) Iron is the most useful of all metals. (Positive degree)

Answer: No other metal is as useful as iron.

5) There is the only one time that is most important.(Comparative degree)

Answer: There is only one time that is more important than any other time.

6) Sonali is less beautiful than Rupali. (Positive degree)

Answer: Sonali is not so beautiful as Rupali.

7) The food here is better than that restaurant.(Superlative degree)

Answer: The food here is the best than other restaurants.

Interchange of Sentences as Directed:

1) The poetry of earth is never dead. (Complex)

Answer: The earth has its own poetry which is never dead.

2) He is rich and generous. (compound)

Answer: He is not only rich but also generous.

3) He confessed that he was guilty. (Simple)

Answer: He confessed his guilt.

4) To avoid danger you must be very careful. (Compound)

Answer: Either you must be careful otherwise you will meet danger.

5) If you earn money, you will live better.( compound)

Answer: Earn money and live better.

6) Though it is a blessing, it has dark sides. (simple)

Answer: It is a blessing but it has dark sides.

7) He was not a fit man to tell a lie. (complex)

Answer: He was not the fit man who tells a lie.

We hope you will get sure shot 100% common questions from the above. However, we advice students to read the grammar chapter carefully before appearing in the exam.